Other Funeral Services

Funerals are indeed a time to grieve and lament the death of a loved one, but they can also be a moment to honor the life of the one who has passed away. We keep in good relations with our customers to give the best service possible. Because of our proximity, we can provide the best in both traditional and modern forms of a funeral ceremony. We specialize in flower arrangements and funeral decorations for funeral services in Davao City, Philippines

Funeral Services

Lights (wake ambiance light)



Flowers arrangement retouch after 3 days depending on customer's budget

We provide a broad selection of top coffin flower arrangementswreath flower arrangements, and full funeral arrangements in Davao. You may send funeral flower arrangements to any place in the city using our online ordering system. Glorious Flower Shop has been providing funeral flowers and other funeral services for many years. To mention a few services, Davao Funeral Decorator may provide lighting (wake ambiance light), sound system, projector, and flower arrangement retouching after three days. We are the most reputable, unique, affordable, efficient, and trustworthy funeral flower shop and funeral service provider in the city. 

You must say your goodbyes, cry, lament, be among people to provide and receive support, and you must say some farewell, even if it is only a simple one, to help you cope. When the actuality of the loss begins to dawn on families, and you must adjust to life without someone who meant a lot to you, providing some form of support is vital. Davao’s funeral service and funeral flower arrangement is a unique opportunity for honoring, reflecting, and healing.